Tim McKeough

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Interior Designer Miles Redd
How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Type Of Paint

You finally picked the perfect color, but that was just the first step.

The Top 10 Swivel Chairs
Designers Barry Dixon and Evette Ríos go for a spin with these fresh takes on an American classic that will keep the conversation movin…
Kelly Wearstler's New Line Is A Gold Lover's Dream

The beloved designer brings her trademark bold shapes and distinctive take on modern luxury to a new collection of furniture.

9 Ways To Decorate With Geometric Patterns
Geometric patterns add eye-catching vigor to a room. Here, 9 ways to make the most of them in your home.
HOUSE TOUR: Athena and Victor Calderone's Picture-Perfect Summer Getaway
When they discovered a neglected 1960s ranch house in Amagansett, New York, a prominent DJ and his designer wife envisioned the ideal s…
10 Of Our Most Colorful Kitchens
Ten kitchens that use bold hues to beautiful (and playful) effect
10 Reasons Size Matters In Design
By going beyond normal dimensions, designers create distinctive spaces that are impossible to forget
The Top 10 Ottomans
Designers Bernie de Le Cuona and Brian J. McCarthy get the lowdown on these multipurpose pieces that have an impact far greater than th…
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The Top 10 Plaster Pieces
Designers Stefan Steil and Barrie Benson cast an appraising eye on an array of chalk-white pieces that add a clean, crisp note to any r…
The Top 10 Cantilever Chairs

Designers Kristen McGinnis and Jamie Drake spring into action, sizing up these stylish variations on a contemporary classic

The Top 10 Bone Inlay Pieces
Designers Jon Call and Alexa Hampton go beneath the surface to determine the best new furnishings that update the classic decorative te…
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Color Picks From the Pros
Ever wonder what colors the top interior designers use time and again? We asked, and they delivereddivulging some of their favorite go-…
Vintage Variety: Frank Muytjens of J. Crew at Home

At his country retreat in upstate New York,

J. Crew menswear director Frank Muytjens keeps the past ever present

Sound Thinking: Athena and Victor Calderone's Amagansett Home
When they discovered a neglected 1960s ranch house in Amagansett, New York, a prominent DJ and his designer wife envisioned the ideal s…
A Mod, Mod World
A clean, well-lighted space in a Manhattan tower gives Robert Couturier the chance to put a contemporary spin on his trademark flair fo…
Historic Measures
A new collection by Ralph Lauren recaptures the character and quirks of some of the most distinctive pieces from the past
Appraisal: André Sornay
This French designer merged the elegance of Art Deco with the innovative materials of 1930s and 40s industrial style
Working with Architects
How to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration
Trunk Show
In his upstate New York workshop, Jonah Meyer translates the shapes of iconic American furniture for a new generation
Website Dos and Don'ts
Best practices for your firms website, whether youre starting from scratch or looking to revamp a site thats already up and running
Decorating with Collections
Less isnt always more. These seven rooms are made all the more alluring with the help of coveted collections
The Art of E-Design
A new way to work, virtual consultations are becoming increasingly popular with the interior design community
Making the Most of the Mantel
Top designers share ideas for dressing this classic focal point
Pro Bono Work: What to Expect
What goes into pro bono projects? Three designers share their experiences.


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