Behind-The-Scenes: Oprah Packs Up Harpo Studios

Winfrey says goodbye to her glamorous studio (and walk-in closet) with a little help from .

Jake Rosenberg

We all know Oprah Winfrey is a generous soul, so it's no surprise she let The Coveteur take part in some of her final moments at Harpo Studios in Chicago. After 25 years in the TV business, the media tycoon is saying goodbye to her beloved workplace, home to some of her greatest projects and most memorable moments. 

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Winfrey's place of work is no small post, and neither is her walk-in closet. During the intimate tour, she showed off her wardrobe—filled with an even mix of bold colors and sleek neutrals—and an endless supply of shoes (some of which she'll be come March 1.) But perhaps the most notable "accessories" are the two shelves-worth of Emmy Awards on display (15, for those who don't feel like counting).

Take a look below and be ready to catch your jaw, then read the full interview at .

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