Khloe Kardashian Shares the First Peek at True’s Adorable Nursery

All of the details are so precious.

Getty/Keila Lopez

Khloe Kardashian released the first peek at her daughter Monday, and it looks like the new mom borrowed some design inspiration from her sisters.

“I'm obsessed with True's Nursery Works lucite Vetro crib! It's feminine but still cool, which is the vibe of the nursery. Kim uses the same one, and I trust the products she loves,” Khloe wrote on her app. “She was my angel during pregnancy and has been so helpful and encouraging. We're similar moms and have been two peas in a pod lately!”

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Keila Lopez

Kim used the acrylic crib for all three of her children. In addition to being a beautiful and modern piece, the crib has clear slats to let parents keep a watchful eye on their babes.


Nursery Works Vetro Crib Clear, $4,500,

Khloe’s nursery also features a butterfly mobile that resembles the mobile that Kylie bought for Stormi. The decor of Khloe's nursery is otherwise simple and clean. Soft pink walls match the rug and pink swans on the crib sheets, and a simple white dresser ties back to the room’s molding.

True is one of the few babies, however, to have a Hermès throw blanket draped over their crib. The luxury isn’t totally unsurprising, though, given that Khloe’s baby registry reportedly .

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