30 Olive Green Rooms Overflowing With Style

Serving up the impeccable shade—shaken, not stirred.

Olive Green Room Ideas
Eric Piasecki/Trevor Tondro

How does one craft an elevated home that is also serene and comfortable? Start by ditching the assumption that bold and calm cannot exist harmoniously. We take a look at some breathtaking olive green rooms, each offering a sophisticated and tranquil sensibility. The subdued, arboreal shade has an undeniable appeal that can both tone down or jazz up space.

Here are 30 reasons to incorporate the shade into your spaces immediately.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
James Merrell
Opt for Complementary Furniture and Decor

In Milan Ceramicist Costanza Paravicini's apartment, velvet, olive green chairs were placed on either side of a table, which is covered in semiprecious stone spheres in a variety of green shades.

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Cartagena Vacation Home
Ricardo Labougle
Personalize Your Space with a Hand Painted Mural

In the salon of fashion designer Johanna Ortiz's South American vacation house, Colombian artist Eloin Rivera painted a breathtaking mural, featuring rich greenery that is native to the area. The faux-bamboo chairs are from the 1960s, the rattan trunk is vintage, and the side table and ceramic vase are from Morocco.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
Trevor Tondro
Create Depth With Texture and Patterns

In a Central Park apartment guest room, a variety of vibrant and arboreal greens fill the space. A muted, olive green wallpaper and headboard create a sense of tranquility, with bolder pops of greens in the pillows and bench.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
James Merrell
Pick a Statement Green Piece

In ceramicist Costanza Paravicini's Milan apartment, a rustic workshop features stone floors and painted-brick walls; the gently lit space is enlivened with a lacquered olive green desk.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
Eric Piasecki
Incorporate a Leathered Accent Wall

A TriBeCa loft features a nature-inspired palette, with a muted brown ceiling which places emphasis on the unique, leathered olive accent wall.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
Anni Franchellucci
Extend Olive Green Tiling Up the Walls

In a 19th-century Sicilian apartment, olive-jade tiles cover the walls and floor. The vibrant shade is complemented with a gold-leaf ceiling and an elegant chandelier.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
Pascal Chevallier
Intersperse Olive Walls with a Wall Covering

The master bedroom of a a Left Bank pied-à-terre incorporates hand-painted wall coverings for an added touch of elegance.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
Sunphol Sorakul
Play With Textures

Mossy olive tones exude a deep, earthy richness that is equal parts elegant and serene.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
Karyn R Millet
Create a Sense of Calm with Pale Green

Tea-tinted olive green walls and furntiure are paired with wood panelling to add a retreat-like feel in this modern bedroom.

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Olive Green Room Ideas
Trevor Tondro
Try an Eclectic Olive Wallpaper

In an iconic Beverly Hills home, a guest room boasts a contemporary design with ornate antique accents. A vibrant David Kaihoi for Schu­macher wallcovering embraces a Cerignola olive green, which perfectly contrasts with the blue lacquered bed frame.

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olive green
Douglas Friedman
Set the Tone With a Green Rug

The living room of Andy Cohen's New York City duplex draws the eye in with a gorgeous green jute rug from . The sofa, in a stripe by Paul Smith, and love seat, in a denim, are from . The cocktail table and Italian bench, both 1960s, are from .

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olive green
William Abranowicz
Line the Walls in Green

Inspired by the vibrant personality of Berlin, a New York businessman enlisted his frequent collaborator to fashion a pied-à-terre in the heart of the city. In the master bedroom, lined in green wallpaper, the antique rug is Persian and the leather bed is by . The sconce is by and a Saarinen chair is upholstered in a stripe.

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olive green
Douglas Friedman
Welcome Guests With Green Doors

The architect who worked on Andy Cohen's Manhattan duplex, , designed a custom staircase in glass, walnut, and steel to link the two floors. The doors are painted in a custom green lacquer and the vintage French club chairs are from .

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olive green
Douglas Friedman
Accent Your Kitchen With Green Tiling

In a Montana guest house, the kitchen stylishly features olive green backsplash tiles by Pewabic Pottery. They are complemented by the custom island, made from cherry wood with an oak butcher-block countertop. The stools are by Christian Liaigre, the backsplash tiles are by Pewabic Pottery, and the pendant lights are by Niche.

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olive green
Stephen Kent Johnson
Layer Different Shades of Olive

This living area is inside a restored barn that now serves as guest quarters at actress Amanda Seyfried’s weekend retreat in the Catskills. The decor plays off the natural surroundings, adding plenty of texture and the layering of greens. The sofa is by , the wool rug is by , the flooring is reclaimed oak, and the wall is painted in .

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olive green
Eric Piasecki
Consider Green Accent Chairs

If you don't want to go all out, try a set of olive green accent chairs like in the living room of PR maven Christina Juarez. The chairs are from the 1970s and are in a velvet. The cocktail table and floor lamp are by , the side tables are by , and the pillows and rug are by . The portraits are by Kimberly Brooks.

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olive green
Douglas Friedman
Switch Up Your Bathroom Paint Color

In this Cape Cod home designed by Ken Fulk, the guest bathroom is painted in a calming green, making the ideal backdrop for a serene painting by John Dowd.

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William Abranowicz
Try Green Upholstery

In a New York loft bedroom, designer designed the bed, which is upholstered in an olive green and dressed with .

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Simon Upton
...Or a Green Headboard

In a Brussels guest room, a headboard is upholstered in a , the bed is dressed in and an antique Uzbek throw, and the lamp is by . The drawings above the bed are by homeowner Anne-Marie Midy, and the 1930s photograph is of her grandmother.

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Best Olive Green Rooms
Eric Piasecki
Install Olive Green Wallpaper

In a Manhattan dining room owned by Katie Ridder, the wallpaper features pink-and-cream motifs on a background of warm olive green. The banquette is upholstered in leather with trapunto embroidery by . The table and chairs are antique, the photographs are by Vik Muniz and the rug is by .

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William Abranowicz
Opt For an Olive-Colored Bed

In a SoHo master bedroom, the custom-made bed showcases shades of muted olive. The space contains an 18th-century Flemish tapestry and a rug by ; the sitting area's walls are covered in a jute from , the sofa is upholstered in a velvet. The sconce is by .

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Simon Upton
Match Your Shelves and Paneling

In the study of Hilary Swank's Manhattan home, a sofa is topped with vintage Moroccan pillows, the stools are by Tucker Robbins, left, and Oly, and the light fixtures are from ; the custom-made paneling and shelves are painted in .

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Bedroom rugs
Björn Wallander
Add Olive Green Accents

In the master bedroom of Paris fashion star 's Right Bank apartment, hints of olive green bring a soothing, earthy touch to an otherwise monochromatic white room. The 1950s rug, weaved with olive green designs, is Swedish. The custom-made nightstands are by Benoit Langlade and 1970s lamps flank the bed. The coverlet is by Le Rideau de Paris and the armchair is Danish.

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Simon Upton
Give Light Olive Green Paint a Try

On the top floor of a 16th-century convent in Rome that was transformed into a homey abode, designer assigned a soothing olive green color to the walls. The bedroom features curtains of a vintage ticking stripe, a vintage iron bed and a Louis XVI painted settee.

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Joshua McHugh
Include a Statement Piece

In Philip Gorrivan's 1840s Connecticut home, an olive green chaise by Jean Pascaud provides a cozy lounging space in the bedroom. The acrylic sculpture is by and the linens are . The walls are painted in and the shades are of an Albert Hadley fabric.

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Dominique Vorillon
Give Your Child's Room a Green Upgrade

Olive green can even make a starring appearance in a young girl's room, as in this traditional stone house in Bel Air. Designer chose an olive green shade for the room's headboard and green-accented linen curtains by . The walls are painted in , and the ceiling is in the company's .

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Bedroom rugs
Simon Upton
Go For a Down-To-Earth Aesthetic

In a New York collector's bedroom, olive green accents in the bedspread anchor the room's many elements in a singular, earthy aesthetic. The bedspread was bought in a thrift shop and the English tufted-leather chest was found on . The rug is from and the French lantern is from .

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Thomas Loof
Match Walls to the Furniture

In this East Hampton home designed by , the olive green walls echo the muted hues of the family room's furnishings. The sofa and club chairs are by ; the ottoman, by , is covered in a , the early-19th-century Louis XVI-style armchairs are upholstered in a Shyam Ahuja cotton and the artwork over the mantel is by .

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William Waldron
Give Your Sunroom a Dose of Green

A pure olive green adds depth to a small sitting room in a Nashville home. The sunroom's sofa and armchairs are upholstered in a canvas duck, and the Regency library chair is covered in the same cotton stripe as the Roman shades.

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William Abranowicz
Try An All-Green Living Room

In furniture restorer Karl Kipfmueller's Brooklyn townhouse, the olive green living room features a parchment cabinet by and a vintage purple armchair.

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