10 Ways To Master Navy Blue and Gold Decor, Pinterest's New Favorite Color Scheme

It's a match made in design heaven.

E. Interiors

Certain colors were destined to be together: black and white, pink and green, navy and gold?

Though unconventional, the latter duo has emerged as one of Pinterest's most popular new decor trends, and we can't help but love the way glamorous gold punctuates the strong, classic quality of navy blue.

There are endless ways to approach this dazzling fad. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1 A Gilded Bar Cart
Park & Oak

Give your cocktail fis a pretty place to perch with a classically cool, golden bar cart. Style it against a statement blue wall, as did here, and it will immediately draw the eye — and the desire for a tasty drink.

2 A Sleek Office Space
Zeke Ruelas

A moody color palette keeps the vibe of this home office, created by , contemporary. Dark blue walls set the tone, while subtle details like gold-plated desk legs and office supplies complete the look.

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3 Glam Bathroom Accents
Tim Furlong Jr.

This double bathroom by shows just how chic and minimalist a navy and gold color palette can be. Tone down your bold cabinets with elegant marble countertops and gold faucets, mirrors, and lighting.

4 Golden Fixtures
Rennai Hoefer

Dark blue is the perfect color to use when creating an accent wall in any room, especially the bedroom. Alex Evjen of collaborated with to create this modern boho master bedroom, full of original pieces, including a mid-century-inspired pendant light.

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5 A Colorful Welcome
Erica Burns

Greet guests with a fancy vintage gold doorknob, set against a shiny navy blue door.

Choose a sparkling white paint for the door molding and line the nearby walls with chic white and navy wallpaper for a stylish entrance, just like did here.

6 Statement Cabinets
E. Interiors

What better way to pull off a two-tone kitchen than using navy blue for your cabinetry? It's an unexpected color choice that still feels neutral and inviting.

The geniuses at added gold faucets, lighting, and decor to give this particular design some depth.

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7 Don't Forget Lighting
Grit and Polish

Bright white rooms are perfect for those seeking a clean and tranquil space, but small pops of color here and there never hurt.

of the added in navy blue pillows against the white bedding and cream headboard, but kept the gold decor minimal by add a simple bedside sconce.

8 A Range Of Hues
Marks and Frantz

From the velvet couch to the modernist painting, played with a range of blues in this cozy but stylish living area. Take his lead and experiment with more than one shade of blue, and then inject some regality into the space with gold underpinnings, like this grand coffee table.

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9 Precious Kitchen Details
Grit and Polish

Designers at transformed their old and outdated kitchen into a bright and airy cooking space. The top cabinets were kept white to match the walls, while the bottom set were painted a gorgeous navy blue and accented with gold hardware.

The crisp white backsplash, along with a few plants, make for a lively but minimalist kitchen.

10 The Perfect Velvet Sofa
Tim Furlong Jr.

This spacious master suite — the work of , and shot by — draws from both vintage design and contemporary decor.

Add a few industrial touches, like these golden bedside lamps, and a little old-world charm with romantic furniture like this divine blue velvet sofa.

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