20 Enviable Walk-In Showers

Practicality and luxury shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

Brady Architectural Photography

While practical for our daily lives, walk-in showers can also be rela and luxurious—even as much as a tub. Here are some inspiring, varied bathroom designs that feature an enviable shower.

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Sara Essex Bradley
Mod Marble

A guest bathroom by uses marble flooring and glazed ceramic shower walls to make a bold statement.

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Julie Mikos
Stand and Deliver

A small shower space is classically elegant in this Victorian-inspired bathroom by .

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Bernard Andre
Cool & Contemporary

Enclosed in glass panels in a bathroom by , this shower with a beveled square head is the height of luxury.

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Kimberly Gavin
In the Clouds

In a double-height bath by , this couple's shower stuns with a green marble design.

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Michael J Lee
Back to Nature

Pleasant and peaceful, this walk-in shower by is the perfect space for starting the morning.

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Brady Architectural Photography

Square tile detailing adds interest to this master bath by .

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David Duncan Livingston
Serene Hues

Pale gray colors and natural wood cabinetry fit together flawlessly in a bathroom by .

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CM Natural Design - 9th Ave Residence
Chipper Hatter
Quirky Minimalism

Black and gold details create just enough drama in this bathroom by .

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Werner Straube
Unique Details

A vintage black-and-white tile design in a guest bath by is refreshing and unexpected.

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Chipper Hatter
Garden Variety

A guest bathroom by in New York's East Village benefits from bright patterned wallpaper.

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Mark Weinberg Photography
Rustic Refreshed

A walk-in shower by includes unique brass shower fixtures and ample space.

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Christopher Stark
Big Feelings

In this bathroom by , graphic wallpaper collides with an orange accent ceiling for an extraordinary effect.

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Eric Roth
Mint Palette

Soft mint-green shades anchor a calming bathroom by .

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Stephen Karlisch
Fresh Prints

designed a bathroom featuring both intricate tile and wallpaper patterns; neutral colors keep it minimalist.

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Karyn Millet
Luxe Looks

A walk-in shower design by features luxurious white-marble slabs.

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Sara Essex Bradley
Playful Patterns

Hexagonal tile shapes, matched with marble tile, create big vibes in this bathroom by .

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Gus Cantavero Photography
Pop Glam

A master bath by is eclectic and pink.

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Tricia Shay
Romantic Retreat

A caged lantern is a stunning finishing feature in a bath by .

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David Patterson
Mountain Modern

A farmhouse-chic bath by features wooden ceiling beams.

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Gilmore Photography
Sweet Dreams

In a bathroom by , a custom couple's shower with three showers is rela and decadent.

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