20 Boys Bedroom Ideas Packed With Playfulness And Personality

These rooms are so stylish, they may just inspire your own decor.

Best Boys Rooms
Dering Hall

While you may feel apprehensive toward your little boy's demand for neon walls, superhero bedding, and a floor full of toys, you don’t have to reject a kid-inspired vibe altogether. Designing a kids' room that is equal parts youthful and chic is more attainable than it seems. For inspiration, see 20 of our favorite bedroom designs for boys.

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Best Boys Rooms
Jean Randazzo Photography
A Chic Foundation

This warm, Dodgers-themed bedroom balances youthful accents with a mature foundation. While the h toys and wall art are playful and young, the room itself maintains a sophistication that will be appropriate for years to come.

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Best Boys Rooms
Caryn Davis

Choosing a nautical theme for a boys' room is an easy way to create a fun, adventurous space in a chic manner. The bright blues of the bed frame, windows, and accents are young and exciting, but can also be reworked into an adult space over time.

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Best Boys Rooms
Courtesy of Dering Hall
A Bold Rug

The navy striped wall energizes this boy's room but can be repurposed in a more refined way. The wall art and tiger rug are movable accents that add a youngness without feeling tacky.

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Best Boys Rooms
Simon Upton
Youthful Yet Mature

For an easy transition from childhood into teen years and adult life, consider decorative elements that are equally youthful and mature. A map on the wall can be an interactive piece for a young child, while its unique coloring makes it a perfect accent for an adult. The complementary scattered blues are energetic, and still lend a tranquil vibe.

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Best Boys Rooms
Richard Romain
Toys on Display

It can be difficult to find ways to keep toys out in the open without cluttering the room. In this Paris apartment, French designer Alix Thomsen neatly arranges her child's vintage and contemporary toys on shelves above the bed, making them an accent as opposed to an eyesore.

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Best Boys Rooms
Meghan Beirle-O'Brien
Polka Dot Walls

The subtle white polka dot walls are young and funky, but not overwhelming or distracting. Bright throw pillows add pop to the space, and bunkbeds are perfect for brothers or a slumber party.

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Best Boys Rooms
Courtesy of Dering Hall
Charming Patterns

The youthful patterned wallpaper in this boy's room lends an energetic feel, while the soft muted blue creates a more calming environment. The h giraffe is a perfect addition that can be removed once the child gets older.

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Richard Powers
Primary Colors

In the Paris apartment of designer , a custom-made bunk bed and colorful armoire decorate the bedroom her two young sons share.

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William Waldron
Map Wall

The boys' room in a Florida home is given a global perspective with the use of a world map as wallpaper.

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Miguel Flores-Vianna
Mi Patterns

Designer Miles Redd used a crisp blue-and-white color scheme in the children's room of this Manhattan home.

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Baby room ideas
Pieter Estersohn
Combine Old and New

For his son's room, photographer used one of his own images to add personality to the walls.

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Simon Upton
Striking Blues

Style-setter decorated her son's East Hampton bedroom in electric shades of blue.

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Pieter Estersohn
World Map & Orange Accents

In actress Julianne Moore's Manhattan loft, her son's room features a larger-than-life world map.

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Björn Wallander
Graphic Pillows

In this stylish yet kid-friendly Manhattan duplex, the son's bedroom features a bed by , a womb chair by , and a pendant light by ; the map decal is by , and the felt rug is by .

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Boys bedroom ideas
Trevor Tondro
Funky Map Carpet

In a Pacific Palisades home that mixes a relaxed California lifestyle with Art Deco glamour, designer pulled off a boys' room that is colorful yet sophisticated, with striped bedding contrasting the colorful map carpet.

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Thomas Loof
Color Blocking

In the boys' bedroom of a colorful East Hampton home, bunk beds by are dressed in bedding by ; the wallpaper is by , the rug is by , and the ceiling is painted in .

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Eric Piasecki
Warm and Playful

In this Manhattan home designed by , maps serve as colorful decor in the playful, vibrant boy's room.

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William Waldron
Rustic and Sporty

In photographer 's home, a young man's bedroom is filled with hints of what he loves, including a signed snowboard on the ceiling and a skateboard and guitar next to the bed.

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Boys bedroom ideas
Björn Wallander
Custom Bunk Beds

This room in a Silicon Valley family home features custom-made bunk beds and bedding by . The pillows are by , the shag rug is by , and the flooring is walnut.

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William Waldron
Playful Decor

In beauty mogul 's home, things are kept soft underfoot with a double dose of flokati rugs next to the bed in the boy's room.

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