These Are The World's Most Beautifully Designed Restaurants And Bars

According to the annual Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.


For the past seven years, have celebrated the absolute best interior designs in the world of food and drink.

The ranking even considers pop ups and food trucks, along with "every imaginable space," where visitors are able to enjoy a well-cooked meal or expertly-crafted cocktail.

This year, took top honors and the top spots on our travel bucket list.

Best Overall Bar: Dandelyan

This -designed space in the is marked by an eye-catching pink and green color palette that feels anything but preppy. Guests can sip on a number of classic cocktails, but the house specials are really where it's at. We're particularly intrigued by the Peach in a Pine Cone, which includes gin and fermented peach.

Best Overall Restaurant: The Jane

designed this modern gastronomic retreat in Antwerp, Belgium. celebrates food as their religion, so it's no surprise the kitchen is located on the altar of a refurbished chapel.

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Best UK Restaurant: The Gallery At Sketch

, located in London, England, may look like something straight out of a Wes Anderson film, but it's as real as can be. Designed by , the pretty-in-pink space is decorated with numerous works by artist . Guests can enjoy healthy , like quinoa with spinach and grilled sea bass, or pop by for .

Best Australia & Pacific Restaurant: ACME

This in Sydney, Australia, designed by , offers guests a of well-curated, unexpected items, including olive oil ice cream and macaroni with pigs head. Though the less adventurous guests won't be completely left out, as also features a simple baloney sandwich.

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Best Australia & Pacific Bar: Archie Rose Distilling Co.

At , also in Sydney, Australia, you'll be able to sample their house-made vodka, gin, and white rye, as well as unreleased products. The best part? The -designed space is just steps away from the actual distillery, should a tour pique your interest.

Best Middle East & Africa Restaurant: Geales

This restaurant in Dubai offers guests the opportunity to dine on fresh seafood in a lounge-like atmosphere. If you can't decide what to order, 's brunch lets you enjoy four courses of food, accompanied by British-inspired cocktails.

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Best Middle East & Africa Bar: Tasting Room

brings an unbeatable selection of wine to its two Tel Aviv locations. The -designed bar even has select varieties on tap each day.

Best Americas Bar: Her Majesty's Pleasure

Fancy a post-pedicure cocktail? Or maybe a pressed juice to go with your new blowout? Look no further than in Toronto. The -designed multi-hyphenate space is part spa, part cafe, part juice bar, part cocktail bar.

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Best Americas Restaurant: Hueso

designed a stunning space for , in Guadalajara, Mexico. Though don't let the all white decor fool you — macabre detail are hiding behind the angelic palette in the form of the that line the walls.

Best Europe Bar: Le Bar du Plaza Athénée

The in Paris, France, is home to more than just a sparkly, decadent restaurant, its -designed bar is just as impressive, and features cocktails and evening entertainment by renowned bar master Thierry Hernandez, who will if you order the Thierry's Mind.

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Best Asia Restaurant: Raw

's -designed interiors may only seat 50, but the Taipei eatery's small atmosphere is the best way to enjoy its self-described "" that makes good use of Taiwan's fresh seasonal produce.

Best Asia Bar: Toranomon Hop

may be located in Tokyo, Japan, but the -designed space specializes in German cuisine. So sidle up to the bar to enjoy a refreshing beer alongside your favorite sausage. May we suggest a bratwurst?


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