Pack Your Bags — These Are The Most Instagrammed Locations Of 2017

Calling all #traveljunkies!

Most Instagrammed locations
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Looks like the happiest place on Earth is also the most snap-happy place, according to new statistics from Instagram.

The social platform charted the most popular location tags, with four Disneyland parks landing in the top ten (and if you also love Disneyland that much, we have the perfect gifts for you).

Scroll on to see all of the places that made the cut — and why it's time to start packing those bags.

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1 Disneyland, Anaheim, USA

A post shared by Reuben Martinez 🤘🏽😈🤘🏽 (@r_martinez_photography) on

Disney is great wherever it is, but it's a lot better when it's backdropped by palm trees and sunshine in Southern California.

2 Times Square, New York City, USA

A post shared by Francesco (Franz) Galati (@ilsignorfranz) on

Nicknamed the "center of the universe," it's hard to beat the number of sights, sounds, delights (and tourists) that fill Times Square.

3 Central Park, New York City, USA

A post shared by NYCgo (@nycgo) on

To give you an idea of how much there is to Instagram (and do) in , just know that it's almost six times larger than the entire nation of Monaco. Our personal favorites include hitting the zoo and spending a few peaceful minutes by one of the park's waterfalls.

4 Tour Eiffel, Paris, France

A post shared by BEAUTIFUL DESTINATIONS (@beautifuldestinations) on

You'd have to be a heartless, unromantic schlep to not want to see the Eiffel Tower. Make the most of your trip to the city of bright lights with a meal at 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant on the first floor of the tower.

5 Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo, Japan

A post shared by Just Another Disney Princess🏰 (@disneylandloving) on

If people loved Tokyo Disneyland before, they are going to be pretty pumped about its .

6 Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, USA

A post shared by ⚡️ Oh Yeah Disney ⚡️ (@ohyeahdisney) on

This park is famous for being home to Cinderella's Castle — and this picture of it lit up at night does a fine job of explaining its appeal.

7 Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

A post shared by Musée du Louvre (@museelouvre) on

We are willing to bet half of the photos posted here are of the famous and mysterious Mona Lisa. Although the museum buildings are pretty cool, too.

8 Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, USA

A post shared by marco gaggio (@neumarc) on

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States, and it's beauty has welcomed travelers and passed the test of time since 1883.

9 Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim, USA

A post shared by SAORI ITO (@saori__ito) on

Not to be confused with the first Disneyland on this list, this is the newest addition to , and it opened in 2001.

10 Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, USA

A post shared by Ron Hartley (@ronhartley99) on

While what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, visitors have left enough digital evidence for the Nevada city to claim the tenth spot on the list.

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