How To Make Any Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Just click your heels three times — and pack your own pillowcases.

make hotel home
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When you plan a vacation, chances are you're looking to get as far away from home as possible. After all, this is your chance to jet off to Abu Dhabi, or spend a weekend cozied up with your honey in the world's best hotel — your own four walls are the last thing on your mind.

But no matter how luxe your destination, you might be surprised how quickly you start missing the creature comforts of home. Even a 5-star hotel can't quite match the tranquility of your own morning yoga routine and snuggly slippers. Whether you're a frequent flyer constantly on the road, or a would-be vacationer with homebody impulses, here are 10 packable items to help keep homesickness at bay.

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1 Your Favorite Pillowcases
make hotel room feel like home
Serena & Lily

Hotel sheets are famously crisp and refreshing, but that may not stop you from missing your own go-to bed linens. Since it's not practical to bring a whole queen set in your carry-on, just bring a pair of matching pillowcases to provide you with a familiar night's rest, anywhere in the world.

$34.99, Extra Oxford Stripe Pillowcases, Serena & Lily

2 Cozy Slippers
make hotel room feel like home

Hotel bathrobes are a famously wonderful amenity, but hotel slippers? Not so much. Instead of clomping around your room in the size 12 slippers inevitably provided, bring your own cute and cozy slides from home to ensure relaxed lounge time.

$88, EMU Lochlan Slippers, Anthropologie

3 Aromatherapy Diffuser
make hotel room feel like home
Urban Outfitters

Fragrance is closely linked to memory and mood. Hotel rooms typically smell of laundry or soap — clean, but not necessarily comforting. Try packing a portable aromatherapy diffuser and loading it up with lavender, patchouli, or lemon oils to create a sensory environment that smells just like home.

$19, Lily Travel Essential Oil Diffuser, Urban Outfitters

4 Your Go-To Morning Beverage
make hotel room feel like home

Even world's most decadent hotels struggle to master the art of the morning beverage. If you prefer to enjoy your coffee break or pick-me-up tea in your room (not in the crowded breakfast bar) pack your own equipment for brewing your signature blend, just right.

$119, Kusmi Tea Matcha Set, Anthropologie

5 A Little Purifying *Magic*
make hotel room feel like home

All hotels rooms have one thing in common: hundreds of other people have stayed there before you. Banish bad energy right off the bat by cleansing the room with a travel-size smudging kit, to let your own aura settle in comfortably.

$20, Cleanse And Purify Smudge Kit, Goop

6 Cashmere Sweats
make hotel room feel like home

When traveling, never leave your lounge wear at home. Travel (even a rela vacation) can get over-stimulating. Slip into these cozy cashmere sweats to mentally transport yourself back home to your own comfy couch when it all gets to be too much. Bonus: they double as a chic air-travel outfit.

$140, The Cashmere Sweatpant, Everlane

7 Soothing Sounds
make hotel room feel like home

Hotel rooms often come with a whole host of weird sounds, from loud next-door-neighbors to cycling air conditioners that turn on full-blast in the middle of the night. Block it all out and play peaceful sounds that remind you of home with a miniature white noise machine. If you really have your act together, you can even record your own backyard birds or meditation sounds to bring with you.

$49.95, Travel Sleep Sound Machine, Hammacher Schlemmer

8 Cosmetics You Love
make hotel room feel like home

Even if the hotel boasts toiletries from a big name designer, it's always better to pack your own favorite cosmetics. Protect your hair and soothe your skin with travel-size versions of your own go-to products. Can't find them in miniature? Just buy a pack of travel size bottle and fill 'em up with your non-negotiable products.

$45, Malin + Goetz Weekender Set, Anthropologie

9 Your Daily Workout Routine
make hotel room feel like home

Nothing makes you feel more off-kilter and out of your element than falling out of your normal workout regimen. Many hotels will have complimentary gyms, but if you prefer a peaceful, private yoga practice, this lightweight packable mat will help keep you grounded in your everyday routines, anywhere in the world.

$64.99, Travel Yoga Mat, Amazon

10 Pocket Picture Frame
make hotel room feel like home
Bed Bath & Beyond

The toughest part of traveling? Leaving your near and dear ones at home. Keep them close no matter how far you roam with a pocket picture frame that can be displayed proudly in your room, then folded up and packed away until you reach your next destination.

$29.99, Hinged Pocket Frame, Bed Bath & Beyond

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