8 Themed Hotel Suites You'll Actually Want To Stay In

Take a vacation from yourself at one of these luxe locations.

Kameha Grand Zürich

Bring out the kid at heart with these fantasy-themed hotel rooms.

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Kameha Grand Zürich

The hotel was designed by artist Michael Najjar to make visitors feel as if they're living in a spaceship. The ceiling and floor designs were even created from real photos of space, and everything in the suite is done in a minimalistic white and gray color palette. The bed itself even floats, so we'll forgive you if you wake up thinking you're in orbit.

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Carlton Hotel

Hidden behind a bookshelf in this suite at the , is a secret little speakeasy. Guests can duck into the back room for a drink from the private bar or a rousing game of poker without fear of interruption. The suite is even accented with a rock from Alcatraz — where Al Capone was imprisoned — so you know it's the real deal.

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The isn't just for young fans of the Eloise book series, it's also a favorite of grownup fans who want to relive their childhood. The bright colors and unapologetic pattern clashing are a perfect representation of Eloise herself. And as an added bonus, it was designed by the fashion designer Betsey Johnson, who's almost as eccentric as the famous character.

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Seven Hotel Paris

Fulfill your dreams of being a secret agent — or your dream of being as suave as James Bond — in . The dark, moody decor feels like it's been ripped straight from the latest Bond film, with plenty of sumptuous details to help you get into character, like a lamp fashioned after a hand gun, and a 007-themed mural.

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W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

Embrace your inner DJ or nightclub kid at the . The sprawling suite comes with its own well-stocked bar and state-of-the-art DJ booth, so you can be in control of the drinks and music.

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Staying in the in Las Vegas is like stepping into your own private Barbie Dream House. The Jonathan Adler-designed space is full of bright Barbie-approved colors, and even has a sunburst mirror made out of 65 of the iconic dolls.

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If going on an actual safari is too much for you, the may be up your alley. The suite was designed to resemble an explorers's camp from the 1930s, and the master bathroom has lighting and sound effects that mimic a rain forest.

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The St. Regis

The only thing better than having breakfast at Tiffany's is getting to spend your whole vacation at Tiffany's, which you can do thanks to the . The space is decked out in the jeweler's signature hue, and glamorous jewelry-inspired details abound. Holly Golightly would surely approve.

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