Check Out Beautiful Travel Photography Taken By Kids For A National Geographic Photo Contest

Kids these days: They take such beautiful pictures.

travel photography
Pan Yinzhi

You know those moments when you look at something wonderful a child has done, and have a flashback to yourself at the same age — fighting with your brother over Airheads, or trying to lick your elbow? Yes, we've all been there, and you're about to have 10 more of those moments.

The just released its 2016 list of winners, and while we were awed by every single photograph, these travel snapshots of global locales especially caught our attention. With travel photography's perennial popularity on platforms like Instagram, there's no doubt these kids will go far.

Swipe up to see our favorite travel photos from the contest.

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1 Grand Prize Winner, 1st Place In Dare To Explore
travel photography
Dewi Baggerman

Dewi Baggerman, Netherlands

2 Runner Up, 1st Place In Weird But True
travel photography
Pan Yinzhi

Pan Yinzhi, Age 13, China

3 Runner Up, 1st Place In Amazing Animals
travel photography
Maj Kastelic

Maj Kastelic, Age 13, Slovenia

4 Underwater Basketball, 2nd Place In Weird But True (US), North Carolina
travel photography
Josephine Goldman

Josephine Goldman, Age 13, United States

5 Archway To Cesky Krumlov, 2nd Place In Dare To Explore (US), Czech Republic
travel photography
Alexia Saigh

Alexia Saigh, Age 14, United States

6 Runner Up, 1st Place In Wild Vacation
travel photography
Sanya Jain

Sanya Jain, Age 12, India

7 Dromedaries On Diani, 2nd Place In Wild Vacation (US), Kenya
travel photography
Piers Nicklin

Piers Nicklin, Age 12, United States

8 Mystic Gates, 1st Place In Dare To Explore (US), Japan
travel photography
Riley Harlan

Riley Harlan, Age 12, United States

9 Honorable Mention In Weird But True
travel photography
Devananda Hardi

Devananda Hardi, Age 7, Indonesia

10 Zip-Line Adventure, 1st Place In Wild Vacation (US)
travel photography
Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes, Age 13, United States

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