WATCH: IKEA's Hilarious, Apple-Inspired Catalog Launch

"It's not a digital book or an e-book, it's a book book"


With the recent revelation that , we were esepcially delighted by their latest video, an admiring nod to an Apple product launch. The "ad" for the catalog boasts the book's long battery life, easy bookmarking feature (fold the pages!), and social capacity (sharing the catalog is, after all, as easy as handing it over.)

As big fans of both IKEA and Apple, we love this ad and only wish that the two companies would team up in earnest to create the world's most simple, clean-lined, and user-friendly automated furniture. A touch-screen coffee table? Bookshelves that keep track of who's reading what? Or perhaps a self-cleaning bathtub might be nice.

Your move, Apple.

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