10 Ways To Decorate With Velvet – Without Going Overboard

Whether you've been eyeing a velvet sofa or just want to transition your home for colder weather, we've got you covered.

Velvet is a tricky fabric. Use too much and your home looks like the set of a period drama; select the wrong color and you're living in a bordello. Done correctly, however, velvet decor items create an elevated atmosphere that's ideal for cold-weather cuddling.

Considering that , more and more people are hoping to get it right. The key is choosing one – and just one – show-stopping piece that starts a conversation. Here are some elegant options.

Velvet Sofa

A velvet chesterfield sofa  a faux fur throw equals instant luxury. 

Get the look: Slub Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Petite Sofa, $2,398,

Velvet Headboard

A tufted velvet headboard in a bold solid anchors a layered bedroom. 

Get the look: Admina Velvet Tufted Headboard, $760,

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Velvet Quilt

Sweet dreams start with a sophisticated bed – and a cozy velvet duvet in a cotton candy color sure sets the mood. 

Get the look: Washed Cotton Luster Velvet Duvet Cover, $209,

Velvet Pillow

To instantly winterize your living room, switch out your basic throw pillows with velvet ones.

Get the look: Silk Velvet/Chambray Pillow, $89,

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Velvet Vanity Chair

Talk about vanity flair. For an über-feminine aesthetic, make your stool a velvet one. 

Get the look: Muffet Ottoman, $622.50,

Velvet Bench

Step up your entryway with an elegant bench in a regal jewel tone.

Get the look: Valletta Velvet Tufted Bench, $288,

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Velvet Armchair

It's just a fact: A reading corner is nothing without a cozy armchair, and what's cozier than velvet? 

Get the look: Leigh Velvet Armchair, $460, 

Velvet Curtains

Dark velvet curtains bring the drama – but if you don't want your apartment looking like a "Game of Thrones" set, keep the rest of the room light and airy. 

Get the look: Velvet Drapes, $120,  

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Velvet Dining Chairs

When your seating is this swanky, you'll make excuses to use your dining room more than once a year. 

Get the look: Goldfinger Dining Chair, $1,250,  

Velvet Ottoman

Carrie Bradshaw would totally have a fabric ottoman in her office – and this one doubles as storage for blankets and pillows. 

Get the look: Modena Chesterfield Fabric Ottoman, $1,350,

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