Can You Spot The IKEA Furniture In These Renaissance Paintings?

The EXPEDIT as you've never, never seen it before. (Circa 1400 AD)

IKEA fans, art fans, general fans of how tiny the world can sometimes feel, gather round and allow us to introduce you to your new favorite site.

is a tumblr devoted to s bizarrely genius method of "spotting" modern-day pieces in artworks produced long, long before the company's founder Ingvar Kamprad ever dreamed of bringing us LACKs and MALMs. Azcarate's keen eye has spotted dish towels, plates, rugs, frames in works dating before 1650 AD, and a quick scroll through the blog will remind you to always seek out the everyday in the magical...and vice versa.

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Here, a few of our favorites:

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PLUS! Don't Miss:

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